Prototype Achievements

by Raychul on May 20, 2009

Prototype is almost at it’s release date, so it’s inevitable that the achievement for the game are released. Here is a look at those achievements, there are 40 known and 7 secret achievements. Happy hunting!

Revenge Revisited
Complete Story Mode on hard difficulty.
Endless Hunger
Consume 200 characters to boost your health.
Trail Of Corpses
Kill 53,596 infected.
Wrecking Yard
Destroy 2,000 vehicles.
Destroy 25 Infected Water Towers before they hatch.
Brain Trust
Complete all Consume Events.
Collect all Landmark collectibles scattered across New York City.
Collect all Hint Collectibles scattered across New York City.
Complete a mission without causing a single Military Alert.
Mankind Is Your Mask
Complete 3 missions without causing a single Military Alert.
The Butcher
Kill 50 characters in 5 seconds.
Return Fire
Catch any object tossed by a Hydra; and throw it back.
Destroy 20 Helicopters in a single Helicopter flight.
Kill 15 characters with a single Whipfist attack.
The First Thread
Unlock the Web of Intrigue.
Discover what happened to Alex Mercer through the Web of Intrigue.
Web Of Knowledge
Acquire all nodes of the Web of Intrigue.
It’s Him!
Patsy 5 military personnel.
In Plain Sight
Evade 10 strike teams.
Infiltrate 10 Military Bases disguised as a Commander.
Threat Elevated
Destroy 25 strike teams.
Seize 50 vehicles from enemy hands.
Gain the ability to drive and fly all vehicles.
Shoot down 50 helicopters while driving armor.
Evolutionary Step
Use the Upgrade Menu to acquire an Upgrade.
Unnatural Selection
Acquire all available upgrades.
The Cleaner
Destroy 10 Military Bases or Infected Hives in New York City.
In The Web
Consume 50 Web Targets.
Achieve a rating of Gold or better in all Events.
Nice Guy
Complete the game while consuming 10 Civilians or fewer.
Hard To Kill
Complete Story Mode in any difficulty without dying.
Speed Bumps
Run over 500 characters in a single tank.
Achieve a Platinum Medal in all Events.

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Ghostbusters Achievements

by Raychul on May 20, 2009

The new Ghostbusters game is probably one of the most anticipated non-big budget title (like God of War 3 or BioShock 2) this year. I am definitely looking forward to it! Here are the achievements that will be coming with the game (there are 8 secret achievements).

We Came, We Saw…
Complete the game on ‘Casual’ or ‘Experienced’ difficulty.
Are You A God?
Complete the game on ‘Professional’ difficulty.
Slam Dunk!
Slam dunk a ghost into a trap.
Slime Dunk!
Trap a ghost using the Slime Tether.
Stasis Dunk!
Trap a ghost using the Stasis Stream.
I Ain’t ‘Fraid of No Ghost!
Trap a ghost.
Aim for the Flat Top!
Eliminate a creature.
Heat ‘Em Up
Purchase all upgrades for the Proton Gun.
Mother Pus Bucket!
Purchase all upgrades for the Slime Gun.
We be fast! They be slow!
Purchase all upgrades for the Dark Matter Generator.
I Don’t Want My Face Burned Off
Purchase all upgrades for the Meson Collider.
We Have the Tools!
Purchase all available equipment upgrades.
The Destructor
Complete the game with more than $3,000,000 in property damage.
Nice Shootin’, Tex!
Complete the game with less than $100,000 in property damage.
…And You Want to Keep It?
Collect a Cursed Artifact.
Spores, Molds, and Fungus
Collect all Cursed Artifacts.
I’m Picking Up A Signal…
Obtain a 100% PKE scan on a paranormal creature.
Back Off Man. I’m a Scientist
Obtain 100% PKE scans for every paranormal creature.
I’m a Ghostbuster, Not a Doctor!
Revive your teammates 20 times.
I Feel So Funky
Get slimed by a charging ghost.
Total Protonic Reversal
Knock yourself down with your own weapon.
You Gotta Try This Pole!
Slide down the fire pole.
It’s Slime Time
Use the Slime Tether on 15 ghosts.
I Looked at the Trap, Ray!
Recover 20 of your own full ghost traps.
Remedy a dubious food choice to make the bar mitzvah as orthodox as it can be.
I Love You When You Rough-House!
The tidy arcitectural office could use some Proton-based humbling.
But the Kids Love Us!
The children’s reading room has a story to tell, but it will take more than your eyes to see it.
You Never Studied
Keep your ears open to learn everything you can about the Civil War.
I’ve Quit Better Jobs Than This.
Some ghosts had a real blowout in the Coat Room. Clean it up?
The hedge maze is a real eyesore; do some Protonic pruning.
One down, on the Ground!
Airborne coffins are an affront to gravity; use your Proton Pack to avenge Mother Nature!
Ghostbusters Drinking Game
Quench your thirst wherever possible to avoid being scared spitless.
Loans Paid Off
More than $100,000 earned in Xbox LIVE.
On the Payroll
Successfully complete one Xbox LIVE campaign.
Egon’s Guinea Pig
Use one of every pickup (both power-ups and equipment).
Be the overall top earner in each Xbox LIVE campaign setting.
It’s a Living
Trap over 50 ghosts in your Xbox LIVE Ghostbusting career.
Defeat three Most Wanted Ghosts.
Employee of the Month
Be top earner in each Xbox LIVE job type.
No Job Too Big
Defeat all Most Wanted Ghosts.
Gozer’s Most Wanted
Successfully complete each Xbox LIVE job in every location.
Get over $2,500,000 in Xbox LIVE, over 30 post-job awards, 50 jobs completed.



Resident Evil to get more DLC, maybe

by Raychul on May 20, 2009

In a recent interview with ButtonBasher, Capcom’s Chris Svensson talked about more DLC for Resident Evil 5, “We haven’t ruled out more content for RE5 as DLC. In fact, on Capcom-Unity.com last week, someone asked the same question and I asked fans what they wanted to see if we were to make some more. The result was a thread on our boards that is hundreds of posts long, tens of thousands of views and I’ll be “interpreting” that feedback and making recommendations to Takeuchi-san based on it. There’s nothing to announce by any stretch, but I think it’s worth noting that we’re considering it.”

Sounds pretty promising to me.



New Releases for the Week of 5/18

by Raychul on May 20, 2009

This week is my birthday week! Yep, this past Monday (May 18th) was my birthday, which I spent at Disneyland. Check out the new games coming at you this week:

XBOX 360

xbox-360-banner-2Bionic Commando
Terminator: Salvation
UFC 2009 Undisputed


ps31Bionic Commando
Terminator: Salvation
UFC 2009 Undisputed


wii-banner2Boom Blox Bash Party
EA Sports Active
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Wheelie Breakers


nintendo-ds-lite-cropped3I Love Beauty: Hollywood Makeover
Jagged Alliance
Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure
Secret Files: Tunguska
Steal Princess
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Stardust Accelerator World Championship Tournament

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The achievements for the upcoming Gears of War 2 DLC “Dark Corners” have been announced. Looks like there will be 13 new achievements for a of total 325 points.

Afraid of the Dark (20)
Play a multiplayer match on each of the 7 Dark Corners Map Pack maps

Did Not Go Gentle (30)
Win a multiplayer match on each of the 7 Dark Corners Map Pack maps (any mode)

Blood on the Sand (50)

Reach level 50 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-50 on the Nowhere map in Horde

Am I Only Dreaming? (40)
Reach level 40 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-40 on the Memorial map in Horde

Like Father, Like Gun (30)
Reach level 30 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-30 on the Allfathers Garden map in Horde

Lost in Transition (20)
Reach level 20 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-20 on the Way Station map in Horde

No, But His Face Rings a Bell (15)

Reach level 15 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-20 on the Sanctuary map in Horde

Ride It All Night Long (10)
Reach level 10 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-10 on the Highway map in Horde

Be Careful What You Wish For (10)
Reach level 5 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-10 on the War Machine map in Horde

Is It Hot or Is That Just You? (25)
Kill 25 Bloodmounts with a Scorcher while playing Horde on a Dark Corners Map Pack map

Two for the Road (25)
Complete the “Road to Ruin” deleted scene in co-op as either Marcus or Dom

Highway to Hell (25)
Complete the “Road to Ruin” deleted scene after choosing the blasting option

My Way or the Highway (25)
Without being detected, complete the “Road to Ruin” deleted scene after choosing the stealth option



Rock Band Unplugged Setlist

by Raychul on May 20, 2009

Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP is hitting stores June 9th and I have no idea why anyone who is not yet tired of the “guitar-rhythm” games would want to play a handheld version of the game. Either way, the setlist has been announced along with the first 10 tracks that will be available for download, check it out:


  • AFI - “Miss Murder”
  • All-American Rejects - “Move Along”
  • Audioslave - “Gasoline”
  • Black Tide - “Show Me the Way”
  • Freezepop - “Less Talk More Rokk”
  • Jimmy Eat World - “The Middle”
  • The Killers - “Mr. Brightside”
  • Lacuna Coil - “Our Truth”
  • Lamb of God - “Laid to Rest”
  • Modest Mouse - “Float On”
  • Queens of the Stone Age - “3’s and 7’s”
  • System of a Down - “Chop Suey!”
  • Tenacious D - “Rock Your Socks”


  • 3 Doors Down - “Kryptonite”
  • Alice in Chains - “Would?”
  • Blink 182 - “What’s My Age Again”
  • Foo Fighters - “Everlong”
  • Judas Priest - “Painkiller”
  • Lit - “My Own Worst Enemy”
  • Lush - “De-Luxe”
  • Mighty Mighty Bosstones - “Where’d You Go?”
  • Nine Inch Nails - “The Perfect Drug”
  • Nirvana - “Drain You”
  • The Offspring - “Come Out and Play (Keep ‘em Separated)”
  • Pearl Jam - “Alive”
  • Smashing Pumpkins - “Today”
  • Social Distortion - “I Was Wrong”
  • Soundgarden - “Spoonman”
  • Weezer - “Buddy Holly”


  • Billy Idol - “White Wedding Part 1″
  • Bon Jovi - “Livin’ on a Prayer”
  • Dead Kennedys - “Holiday in Cambodia”
  • Motörhead - “Ace of Spades”
  • The Police - “Message in a Bottle”
  • Siouxsie & the Banshees - “The Killing Jar”


  • Boston - “More Than a Feeling”
  • Jackson 5 - “ABC”
  • Jethro Tull - “Aqualung”
  • Kansas - “Carry on Wayward Son”
  • Rush - “The Trees”


  • The Who - “Pinball Wizard”

And here are the first ten DLC tracks:

  • 30 Seconds to Mars - “The Kill”
  • Belly - “Feed the Tree”
  • Disturbed - “Inside the Fire”
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd - “Gimme Three Steps”
  • Muse - “Hysteria”
  • Mute Math - “Typical”
  • No Doubt - “Just a Girl”
  • Oasis - “Wonderwall”
  • Paramore - “Crushcrushcrush”
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - “Under the Bridge”


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This Week on PSN

by Raychul on May 15, 2009

Here are the new additions in the PSN store for this week:

Games & Demos
Texas Cheat’em ($9.99)
ZEN Pinball ($9.99)
The King of Fighters ‘99 ($5.99)
Spyro: Year of the Dragon ($5.99)
Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice for PSP  ($22.99)
ZEN Pinball demo

Expansions & Add-ons
MotorStorm Pacific Rift Lunar-Tec Signature Livery Pack  (free)
PAIN: Daxter Character    (free)
PAIN: Sore Spots  ($5.99)
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 - Pack 1      (free)
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 - Pack 2      (free)
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 - Pack 3      (free)

Game Videos
MAG Premiere Gameplay trailer
PAIN: Sore Spots trailer
Battlefield 1943 Wake Island trailer
Burnout Paradise Cops and Robbers trailer

Wallpapers & Themes
Terminator Salvation Wallpaper
NASCAR/Sprint Cup Series Monsters Theme
MotorStorm Pacific Rift Lunar-Tec Signature Livery Theme   (free)
Digital Ghosts theme  ($1.49)
Lions theme  ($1.49)
Radioactive ($1.49)
Gangsters ($1.49)


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Star Trek the movie review

by Raychul on May 15, 2009

Like most of you, I went and saw the new Star Trek film this past weekend. I don’t consider myself a “Trekkie” although I did thoroughly enjoy the original Star Trek series and the Next Generation series and I also have seen all of the past Star Trek movies. I went into the new Star Trek film familiar with the characters, their personalities and knowing a lot of their background yet as I watched the movie I still felt like I was getting to know each character all over again. I loved the character development and I think the casting for each part was perfect. Even though I am familiar with Star Trek and I knew the overall outcome of the film, I was still on the edge of my seat for the whole film.

I think J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek is pretty close to a perfect film, it had just the right amount of action, comedy, drama and suspense to captivate any type of movie goer. J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek also kept true to the nature and the characters of the original show for the fans yet introduced new ideas and traits to also win over the newcomers.

Click here for my full review.


The Agency details

by Raychul on May 14, 2009

Today Sony released a fact sheet on their upcoming PS3 and PC exclusive title, The Agency. While the game’s release date is still unannounced, the game is already creating quite a buzz of excitement. Check it:

The Agency is a fast-paced, action shooter set in an online persistent world—a modern setting of bullets, bomb blasts, and betrayal. Live the life of an elite agent in a world of superspies and rugged mercenaries, who use both high technology and low tactics to accomplish their missions and goals. Featuring cooperative and competitive play,

The Agency
is designed to provide instant action and long-term strategy for all fans of espionage, intrigue, and explosive gameplay on the

(PS3) and PC.

• Live the Life of an Elite Agent:

The Agency requires spy world skills in combat, stealth, and style. Players jet around the globe to exotic locales picking up intel, forming networks and taking out criminal masterminds for a multitude of unique missions with numerous goals. With gameplay ranging from sneaky infiltration to all out firefight assaults, there’s something for every aspiring agent.

• Fun Now, No Waiting:

The Agency blends the action of shooter gameplay with the persistence of an online virtual world. At any point, PS3 or PC players can jump right in and frag opponents in head-to-head combat or advance the ranks in a rich story packed with exciting missions.

• Mercenary or Spy - the Choice is Yours: Operate as a slick super spy or a gritty mercenary, administering arms deals, executing assassinations, managing espionage, counter intelligence, and more. Collect the right weaponry, gadgets, gear, attire and aliases to gain access to numerous locales and influence over the people within them.

• Put Operatives to work: Operatives are collectible non-player characters who provide the goods and services players desire, and the in-mission support to keep them alive. Operatives work 24/7 to help players concentrate on the mission at hand. Trade them with friends or sell them to the highest bidder.

• Build Your Own Agency: As players advance through the ranks of their faction, they’ll also begin building their own Agencies. Players increase their power even further by creating Joint Agencies with others.

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Playboy MMO in the Making

by Raychul on May 13, 2009

You know, I loved the Playboy sim game on the Xbox, PS2 and PC that came out a few years ago called Playboy Mansion, so it’s safe to say that I am also excited about this announcement. The new Playboy game will be called Playboy Manager and it will be completely browser based.

From the press release:

Jolt Online Gaming and Playboy Enterprises Inc. Announce Playboy Manager: The Massively Casual Online Game! In Playboy Manager, you play a crack talent agent managing the career of some of Playboy’s hottest up-and-coming models. Competing against thousands of other players, you will guide your model’s career toward her ultimate goal: Becoming a world-renowned Playmate with a permanent room in the Playboy Mansion!

We’ve wanted to do a Playboy game forever,” exclaimed Dylan Collins, CEO of Jolt. “As enormous fans of the articles, we jumped at the opportunity to bring the game online for a huge audience. Who hasn’t wanted to manage a Playboy model?

We are delighted to work with Jolt in offering our fans this great new way to experience and enjoy the World of Playboy,” said Scott Stephen, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Playboy Digital.

Combining the best elements of trading card and turn-based gaming, Playboy Manager is the only online game to feature exclusive content from Playboy, including videos and photos of breathtaking Playboy models.

The game will be free to play (yay!) and is expected to be available this summer. You can sign up to get access to the early beta and possibly win a lifelong subscription to the magazine at www.playboymanager.com.